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In week 38, Petrus told me that we’re going to be in a magazine. The Rapport magazine, My Tyd, wants to do a feature on modern-day farmers or people living in the ‘platteland’. Since we are passionate about our life on the farm and the benefits of living a simpler life, we would like to share it with as many people as possible.

We expected the photographer on a Friday morning. The brief was to get a few shots of the heavily pregnant wife and her dashing farmer husband on the farm. The evening before, Petrus and I had to attend the first rehearsal for our local “Mime Time” charity show. Petrus was playing Danny, the character of John Travolta in Grease. I was a milkshake drinking shoo-wop girl “Like, does he have car, a ha, a ha?”. Nothing in the world would ever deter me from wanting to dance, not even being 39 weeks pregnant. So all evening this heavy girl was hopping and bopping on stage.

At 01:00, the contractions started. Our little boy wanted in on the action and decided he would rather be early than miss his dad play the star role in the show. At 04:00 we left for hospital (in Worcester) and 18 hours later, Anno was in our arms. The most precious gift. Our lives were changed forever (a bleary eyed and tired mom now writes…).

The first thing I thought when the contractions started, was that My Tyd will now lose their heavily pregnant wife photo, but at least gain a little baby. Two weeks later, the photographer and art director arrived on the farm to complete their mission. What fun we had! All the animals were in on the action and the previously overcast, gloomy and rainy weather subsided just enough for us to traipse around the farm, posing like newlyweds amongst the lavender.

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