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Montagu Mountain Reserve

The Montagu Mountain Reserve is a proclaimed local authority nature reserve that adjoins the north, west and southern boundary of the town. The Reserve measures some 2000 hectares in extent and comprises a tapestry of extreme topography, rich in pristine flora and fauna. Given is proximity, the Reserve is intergral to the town and offers easy pedestiran access from Barry or Tanner Street. The area is very popular with hikers and accommodates 2 highly acclaimed trails and 4 popular walks.

The Reserve is also highly regarded by rock climbers who can test their skills on any of the 200 bolted routes. In addition the Reserve accommodates Joubert Park, located on the banks of Keisie River, and numerous of the town’s well known tourist landmarks including; Kanonkop, Eyssenhuis, Loverswalk, Klipspringer Cabins, Badskloof, Donkerkloof, Cogmanskloof, Keurkloof and Aasvoelkrans. Even the very popular Fort Sidney and the iconic tunnel within Cogmanskloof fall within the Reserve boundaries.

Download map for trails here: Hiking Trails PDF Map

Bloupunt Hiking Trail

is 15,6km long and rises over a 1000m from start at Joubertpark to summit, it can be completed in 5 – 9 hours. This trail offers a wide variety of interesting features to hikers with varying interests in a constantly changing panorama which varies between ravines with mountain streams and craggy cliffs with awe-inspiring rock formations.

From the 1266 m high summit of Bloupunt one is confronted by a breathtaking view in all directions and one can clearly see the towns of Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor, Montagu and Robertson. About halfway up there are two fresh water points where you may pause for refreshments. It is advisable to fill water bottles at this point as there is no water at the top.

There are also three small waterfalls on the route down from the summit, which can be reached by means of short deviations from the main trail, and these are well worth seeing and are inviting a cooling swim.

Cogmanskloof Hiking Trail

is 12,1 km long and can be completed in 4 – 6 hours. Only the first 2 km from the overnight cabin are steep – from then on the route is easy. Cogmans ‘summit’ at 690m is half the height of Bloupunt but nevertheless offers a beautiful view of Montagu, the ravines and mountains. There are beautiful rock formations and wild flowers on top. Aloes, proteas, ‘sewejaartjies’ and ericas are plentiful.

Badskloof trail

is approximately 2,2 km long and connects the hot springs with Eyssenhuis / Ou Meul at Joubertpark.
This trail offers a nice 1hour walk through Badskloof with its many rock formations, rich bird live and sport climbing routes. The trail as shown on the map is only an rough indication since 1981 occasional flooding causes diviations of the trail. An entry fee is charged at the either end of the trail.


also some times refered as Mayor’s walk is a short 500m walk along the banks of the Keisie river and below Kanonkop, through to Joubertpark starting at the upper end of Barry street, an ideal extention to the Badskloof trail. No entry fee/ permit.

Aasvoelkraans hiking trail

is 3.2km long, it’ll take some 1 « hours to complete. The trail starts on Riebeeck street opposite the Aasvoelkraans B&B. It’s a nice short hike to a 430m viewpoint overlooking the Cogmanskloof with fort Sydney and the tunnel in the distance. No entry fee / permit.


Along the trail many species of bird life including the black eagle can be spotted and one also encounters many dassies, klipspringers after which the overnight cabin is named. The reserve is also rich with baboons, duiker, rhebuck, otters, karacal and leopards.


A very large selection of wild flowers can be seen at all times of the year due to perennial streams flowing through the area – more so along the Bloupunt route then on the dryer Kogmanskloof trail.

Here, within a few meters of water loving plants beside the gurgling streams different displays of flora, including a large variety of proteas, ericas, aloes, red-hot pokers, lilies, watsonias, gladiola (Gladiolus stephanie being endemic to the reserve), nerinas, wild orchids and many others Various species of indigenous trees will be encountered and some of these have been identified by means of nameplates attached to them.


While hiking in the Montagu Montain reserve you will not fail to notice the many vertical rock faces – a prime excample of the Cape fold mountains. Particular in Donkerkloof and on the ridge of Cogmanskloof trail where the past is sliced open and you’ll see back 450million years when this ground was under the glaciers of Gondwana. 200 million years later the ‘party’ started and the crusts of the earth were pushed up, creating these striking rock formations we see today.

The lower area of the trails around the Ou Meul and the cabin on quarzitic sandstone of the Nardow subgroup while the upper area of Bloupunt is of quarzitic sandstone, siltstone and shale conglomerate of the Peninsular formation.


The Langeberg mountain range is generally a winter rainfall area and hot and dry in Summer. HOWEVER let this not deter you from visiting us all year round, some of the best hikes are made in the spring and fall and even winter offers mostly sunny and clear days when Cape Town in battered by the winter rains!

Important notes

The reserve is open to the public from 07h00 to 18h00
A vallied permit is required to enter the mountain reserve and hike the trails this can be optained at either entry of the reserve at Joubertpark and the hot springs. Overnight accommodation is available at Klipspringer Cabin 1,5km from the parking area. This is a stone cabin with dormitory-type sleeping quarters for 12 hikers in total – 6 in each room. Woodfired stoves, braai facilities, hot water ablution and toilet facilities are available.

Camping is not permitted anywhere else.
No unaccompanied children under the age of 10 are allowed entry. No Vehicles are alowed beyond the parking area at Joubert park.

No pets nor fire arms are allowed – you are in a nature reserve. No removing of fauna and flora is permited. Firm shoes, warm clothes, water & food essential! For your own safety remain on the clearly demarcated and signposted trails trails at all times. Hikers enter the hiking trails at their own risk.

Happy hiking! Relax and enjoy the wonders of the clean air and the breathtaking views while on these rugged mountains of the Langeberg.

Enquiries & Reservation of Klipspringer cabin:
Montagu – Ashton Tourism Information Bureau
Ph: 023 614 2471
Fx: 023 614 3137
Email: send us an email

In case of an emergency contact the police on 10111
Or the 24hour call center on 0860 88 11 11

Visit the Montagu Mountain Reserve Facebook page to be kept updated!

Hiking Trails Map

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