If I had to count, it must have been at least 978. Maybe even 1475. No, at least 2690.

The weather report promised three days of rain and this farm is going to make full use of every drop of it! Packets of flower seeds have been laying next to the back door for over a month, waiting for the right day. Seizing it, I grabbed the packets, my hand spade and a hat and enthusiastically scattered promises of pink and yellow and red and orange, purple and blue and mauve and white along our gravelly driveway. 2690 promises to be exact

After saying goodnight to our chickens, I found Petrus frenetically shovelling baby tomato plants into our kitchen garden. This is after I also poked some into the ground earlier the day!

Such sweet joy, spring and rain together! I can’t wait, I’m sure I’m more excited about seeing the flowers than opening my Christmas gifts.

Come and share in the joy!

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