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About the farm

Kogman & Keisie farm is located in a diverse landscape on the foot of the mountain that brings many exciting challenges. The property is 3 hectares in size, thus we strive to effectively use all resources, while seeking to maintain the correct balance between people, animals, farming and nature. We also border the Keisie River that can flood the lower end of the property every couple of years making it ideal for grazing. Most of our intensive fruit, vegetable and herb farming takes place in central belt of the farm.

We believe that it’s important to have a holistic and natural approach to farming and gardening. This has inspired us to investigate and apply organic solutions to many of the common farming or gardening problems and pests. We also practice seasonal and companion planting, crop rotation and strive implement permaculture principles as we learn from our observations. Healthy soil is extremely important for us as we are of the believe that healthy soil sustains healthy plants. To maintain healthy soil we are committed to soil building by enriching our soil with organic matter, earthworms and micro-organisms.

Being on such an unique spot between the village and the mountain reserve also makes us responsible for looking after the wildlife and indigenous plants. To this effect we have planted 160 indigenous trees with the plan to create biodiversity corridors leading from the nature reserve and through the farm to connect with the river. These biodiversity corridors firstly create habitat for bird life and secondly pathways for tortoises among many other animals and also humans.

Come and enjoy this landscape with us and who knows, perhaps even you get your hands dirty in the soil.

2 Kloof Street, Montagu, 6720, South Africa

Phone: +27 23 614 3147

Mobile: +27 82 561 7818